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Parallel Lines

Ocean Deep,
Soul Deep.

Ocean Deep, Soul Deep.

Discover Your Full Potential

Through Yoga & Freediving

There’s no better way to explore the depths of yourself than by freediving & yoga - dive into your deepest desires and unlock a new level of self love and understanding.

Freediving Yoga lessons


Life Ethos

To provide a safe space for individuals to explore their capabilities, overcome their fears and mental blocks, and unlock their full potential through the inward journey that freediving and yoga offers.

Hi Maria! I just wanted to tell you that you are
changing my life a lot and fast [...] You opened my
eyes on a lot of things and gave me hope in building
my confidence. Whatever you are doing, whether it's
intentional or unintentional, is priceless. I want you to
know that you are helping me a lot way more than
you know. A lot of brain fog is going away. I'm getting
a lot of mental clarity and my perspective on life


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