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Wave 3I

4 Days


An active Wave 2 Instructor (or equivalent from other agencies) certification

Have at least 1 year of teaching experience as a Wave 2 Instructor (or equivalent from other agencies)

Minimum of 50 certifications (of which a minimum of 10 Wave 1 and 10 Wave 2). Certifications from other agencies will count as 50%, meaning you will require a minimum of 100 certifications.



A record of leading at least 20 Base Sessions (Molchanovs Wave 2 Instructors only)

50m CWTB & FIM

35m CNF

30m rescue + 50m suface tow

100m pool DYN

75m DNF

4.30 min STA

20m Stand-by rescue (minimum 60s)

Please note that these are minimum performance requirements and the expectation is that candidates should be able to meet those standards reasonably comfortably and with good form


W3I : Instructor Form

Thanks for submitting!

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